For some problems there are simply no standard solutions. This at the latest is our cue.

LAMIEUX: Our market expertise

Where high speed is concerned, we’ll be there.

Electronic suspension systems, new headlamp technology and sensors of all kinds: sometimes the cable harnesses in modern vehicles cover more kilometres than some people drive a month. LAMIEUX likes to contribute its ideas here. We offer fitting connections, the right cable junctions and weatherproof solutions. And we’re well prepared to meet the challenges of electromobility.

True expertise is simply inherent. In medical machines, for example.

Medical technology is an area where we gladly demonstrate our reliability: after all, in an emergency lives can be at stake. But it is also important to keep an eye on the costs which the general public has to pay in the end. Sometimes, all the work involved in weighing up the pros and cons, selecting the right materials and struggling with radiation, voltage peaks and stability can be worth a doctorate. But at LAMIEUX, we don’t fuss about titles – it’s the results that count.

We put your production lines on the winning track.

Each job is different, but even so we’re used to working on an assembly line: we put switchboards into industrial systems, channel information flows and synchronise procedures, for example. And still stay within the budget, which is what dictates the pace in this field.

We are part of the energy turnaround. But we don’t make a song and dance about it.

It goes without saying that our wealth of experience in coating technology also applies to solar technology. Offshore wind turbines present a far greater challenge, adding a completely new dimension to component protection. At least installation space is not an issue. On the other hand, connections for submarine cables and permanent protection from salt water demand profound material know-how. Here too, LAMIEUX will find a solution. Without kicking up a fuss.

We get it together even in the tiniest space.

Communication and entertainment electronics are shrinking all the time, while getting increasingly efficient. There’s space for LAMIEUX’s services even in this tiny microcosm. With connections that withstand heat and impacts. Coatings to protect intellectual property. Or connections that must never get lost, even when they’ve got nothing to do with telephones. And of all of this in large quantities.

In fact, we’re a kind of production assistant.

On or off: that is the elementary principle of the electric circuit. In a nutshell, this is our intrinsic task. If our components don’t work, the whole production line stands still. We take this responsibility in machine and plant construction very seriously, with conscientious material selection and functional protection against dust, vibrations, temperature fluctuations and whatever else a machine produces, apart from the things it’s supposed to produce.

No technical requirement flies too high.

At LAMIEUX, even customers with ambitious plans are treated objectively. For example, when they make or repair aircraft. The extreme requirements made in this sector, all the double safeguards and triple maintenance plans, are no more than a clear briefing for our team. And certainly nothing to flap about.

Your reliable partner for setting the points.

Railways aren’t something to play around with, at least not when it comes to electronic solutions. That’s obvious for anyone dealing with the huge electrical currents you get in trains. We supply connection technology also in XXL and provide robust component protection where no-one needs to worry about the weather in the long term. It certainly won’t be LAMIEUX’s fault if the train’s late.

Electronic systems today are omnipresent; so are we! We offer branch know-how on land, in water and in the air - frequently with added syner