Good connections make sense. Also in the big wide world out there.

LAMIEUX: Partners & suppliers

We select our sales partners and suppliers with the same meticulous attention as our production materials. This “electronic network” features many long-standing companies and a number of market leaders – but only those that set the highest quality standards. Under these conditions, business relations last for decades, even in our fast-moving branch.

The French company has a global presence with more than 4,500 employees in 40 countries. The specialists for industrial adhesives and cast resin are LAMIEUX’s source above all for THERMELT® for component protection.

This is not a company but a definition: when it comes to component protection, we mainly place our trust in casting materials that bear this sign.

Long-standing US company based in New York. LAMIEUX operates as its German sales organisation, primarily for ZIERICK’s crimping, punching and bending technology.

World Wide Way: we have a global presence with an excellent network. Here you can find our long-standing partners, suppliers and reliable fe