The right technology for you to permanently connect demanding components.

Plasma technology

Whether ultra-fine cleaning, applying a new covering or pretreatment for example before hotmelt moulding or varnishing: surfaces need to be treated in a great many situations. And there’s one (yes, one!) perfect solution nearly every time: atmospheric plasma.

Here LAMIEUX offers you a huge range of applications, even when other technologies reach their limits, for example when treating extremely sensitive materials.
Another crucial advantage: the plasma process with its low running costs is extremely economical. Above all because it holds what is is supposed to hold.

Use in hotmelt moulding

Always keep things nice and flexible: this applies not only to our variable hotmelt moulding systems but also to surface treatment with atmospheric plasma. It is suitable for improving the adhesion of components made of all materials processed in our hotmelt moulding process, from simple cables via sensors through to electronic parts.

Hot tip for hotmelt moulding: atmospheric plasma simply optimises the adhesion of all materials being used.